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2021 Ford Super Duty Model Review

Ford has decided to keep their 2021 version of the Super Duty similar to previous model years. After all, it's been a very successful vehicle thus far. Ford has opted to add some of the color choices as options for all of the trim levels available. You can now choose from Carbonized Gray, Antimatter Blue, and Lithium Gray, regardless of the Super Duty model. You will also have the opportunity to access the XL Power Equipment add-on package.


Can I Start My Ford With My Phone?

Starting your vehicle remotely is convenient if you want to avoid too hot of an interior or too cold of temperatures. Many cars provide you with the option to start your vehicle using your key fob remotely, but you can control many of the newer Ford models at Gwinnett Place Ford by using the FordPass app.


Why Is My Car Overheating?

Heat has to have some way to escape your engine. Otherwise, your engine will start to overheat. An overheating engine can cause serious problems for your vehicle if you don't address the issue in a short amount of time.