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Compare The 2019 Ford Fusion S Sedan vs Fusion SE Sedan

If you're interested in owning a 2019 Ford Fusion sedan, there are a number of comparisons worth making between the S and SE trim models. Focusing on performance, appearance and other distinguishing features can help make it clear which Ford Fusion trim would best suit your needs. While these two trims are rather similar, there are several differences worth considering.


2019 Ford Escape Model Review

Continuing on with its excellent design in 2019, the Escape will not see many changes. The SE and SEL trims will have a smart key with push-button stop & start as well as a remote starter that now come standard. Additionally, the SE trim will now have SYNC 3, a great system for gaining even more features when you connect your smartphone. On the exterior, there are new color options available. Drivers can now choose Agate Black, Sedona Orange, or Baltic Sea Green.


How to Know When You Need Power Steering Fluid

There's a lot of magic inside your vehicle, and very few folks who drive ever take the time to understand the science or systems behind it. And that's fine. You don't have to know all about power steering systems to recognize when your power steering fluid is getting low. All you need to know is that the things that make up your hydraulic power steering system are able to work so smoothly because of a fluid that is in there. It's the fluid that makes your wheel easy to turn and adjust as you need to.