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What Is My Car's Trade-in Value?

If you're wondering “where can I find a place to trade in my car in Duluth?”, it's right here at our dealership. We are proud to provide a large inventory of quality vehicles that help people choose their favorite new or used car. What's more, is that we also have an auto trade-in program that lets you evaluate the current worth of your vehicle and turn it into us. In exchange, you'll be able to get a new or pre-owned car that you want at a better price. And if that's not good enough, our program is designed to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get a new car. We do this by offering an easy three-step process for trading in a new car and driving home with your dream vehicle.


2019 Ford Fiesta Model Review

The Ford Fiesta might be a small car, but it has lots to offer. At a time when consumers are gravitating towards SUVs and larger cars, Ford added plenty of standard and available features to the Fiesta to keep consumers happy back. There are more options for a custom finish on this year's Fiesta than ever before. Now, you'll find a rainbow of 10 paint colors that can be paired with one of seven interior trims for a personalized appearance. All the latest technology is in the latest Fiesta, including two versions of Ford's own high-tech SYNC infotainment system.


What Car Buyers Want in a New Vehicle?

When you set out to buy a new car, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Narrowing your decision down by make, model, and trim level is just the start. You'll also have to think about what features and amenities are most important. From safety to technology, automakers today are outfitting their vehicles with more bells and whistles than ever before. Whether you want to avoid being pressured into getting amenities you don't need from a seller, you are looking for amenities that will boost your car's resale value, or you just want to be as comfortable as possible on the road, these are features to look for in your next car.